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Other Useful Tips in no particular order

Vista Search - One tip that comes to mind with Windows Vista is the search feature.  If you notice, once you click the round start orb your cursor is immedately put in the search box.  All that you need to do is to start typing.  You can even start programs from here, rather than using the mouse to navigate through the 'All Programs' menus.

Wiki - Consider implementing a Wiki to organize notes throughout different areas of your business.  A wiki is software that can store documents & information in a way that allows multiple users to collaborate, use, edit and search.  It can be organized nearly any way you like.  And every piece of information can be linked to another.  For example, a page of notes concerning phone conversations with a particular customer can also contain links to quotations for that customer, contact information for that customer, and any number of other related informational documents.  It can be a very useful way of organizing information.  Think of it as a filing cabinet where all related documents are connected together, even if they are in different drawers of the cabinet.  I can provide demos for testing upon request.

Outlook Hyperlink Restrictions

by Default admin account on 08-Apr-10 20:40
This small batch file should repair the Outlook restrictions hyperlink error that sometimes occurs after uninstalling Google Chrome or other browsers like Opera, Firefox or Maxthon. I suspect the real cause is third party security software.